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Our Coaches have been trained at the best coaching training institutes in the world, are certified by the International Coach Federation and bring a level of skill, experience and professionalism that is of the highest standard.


corporate leadership coach

specializes in leadership, employee engagement and culture building. She has dedicated herself to helping leaders and their teams create meaning in their organizations and in their own lives, which results in motivated employees, customer commitment and bottom-line performance. She is masterful in her coaching skills and often challenges her clients into explore uncharted territory. Lerae can be heard saying, “You know what you know but you don’t know what you don’t know. It is what you don’t know that is either going stop you or you can let it help you.” Lerae’s powerful intuition blended with her masterful coaching skills and ability to shift perspective allows others change their minds about how they lead and unearth incredible potential as a result.  


Lerae’s individual or group coaching will provide you with opportunities to tap into latent potential within your own leadership style and within those you lead. You will experience significant and perhaps at time unexpected results.

BARRY Zweibel

corporate leadership coach

As Founder of LeadershipTraction, a leadership development consultancy, Barry Zweibel (zwy-BELL͟) likes to say that he pokes and prods his clients in a caring way to become better leaders! Barry’s clients say that because of his coaching they think more strategically, take full responsibility for their actions and impact, and deliver consistently stronger and more meaningful results.


Barry insights on leadership, conflict management, and career acceleration have been widely published. The Wall Street Journal and, among others, have quoted him as a subject matter expert.


Barry is also a Master Certified Coach; a distinction that fewer than 2% of all coaches worldwide have achieved. Prior to founding his leadership development consultancy, Barry served, for many years, as vice president and corporate officer of telecommunications for a global futures and options trading Exchange. In addition to being accountable to the Board of Directors for ensuring the operational integrity and fiduciary control of all mission-critical systems and programs, he also brought a number of innovative, cutting-edge, technology applications to the trading floors that set the standard for other Exchanges, throughout the world.

Elizabeth Coons

Elizabeth is a Leadership dedicated to the advancement of women in business and leadership. She helps women reach their performance and sales goals, increase their profits, get promoted and take on leadership roles. She offers her clients a solid edge in becoming wildly successful by creating a growth mindset that significantly increases their impact and their earnings.


A champion for women who want more fulfillment in their work and freedom in their life, Elizabeth is founder of Live Your Brilliance, supporting women to reach their highest professional visions. Her mission is to empower women to stop settling for a job, a relationship or a day-to-day life that keeps them feeling stuck, stalled or unable to advance.

Elizabeth’s passion is helping women overcome adversity in the workplace, navigate successfully through change, and transform challenges into opportunities with courage and grace. Her work supports women at pivotal points – especially those who have the potential to shape their businesses and organizations in a much more significant way and are seeking an inner foundation for taking risks and overcoming fears.


Elizabeth received her B.A. degree from Wellesley College, her M.A. from the University of Texas at Austin and is an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation. She completed training through Coach U’s Advanced Coach Training Program, the Center for Coaching Certification and is a Certified Laser Coach through Marion Franklin’s Life Coaching Group. She is also an authorized “Now What?” Career Coach Facilitator and a Certified Coach in the Gaia Leadership Program.



is a forty-three-year veteran leader in the corporate/non-profit organizational leadership, early childhood, disabilities and family services field, Charlie has served on various Alaskan statewide, regional, and national committees/boards and has written and published articles, curriculums and manuals promoting leadership within the field.

Charlie expanded her Sole Proprietor Business in 2013 as a Professional Leadership and Life Coach. Recently graduating from an Advanced International Leadership and Life Coaching Program, Charlie received the recognition as a Professional Coach with a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) certificate through the International Coach Federation.


Charlie offers individual / group leadership and life coaching experiences and is in the process of contributing publications to the field of coaching. She is also a licensed facilitator for the Coach U Coaching Clinic; training that develops internal coaching capacity within organizations. Charlie divides her time between her home/office in Chugiak and her family’s lodge and guiding business in western Alaska where she is camp cook, single-engine plane pilot and co-organizing partner.


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