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Perspective Reveals Possibility


Soul Design Coaches have been trained at the best coaching training institutes in the world, are certified or in the process of being certified by the International Coach Federation and bring a level of skill, experience and professionalism that is of the highest standard.




Coaching is my way of helping people liberate themselves from the many excuses and patterns they think they are stuck in. I believe we are ultimately responsible for the quality of our lives because our lives are a culmination of the choices we make. That’s really where my coaching has a positive impact. When the brilliant people I work with recognize they have a choice, they make different and better choices - it is that hard and that easy at the same time.



supports her clients in building greater personal authenticity and in bringing their individual strengths and power into every aspect of their lives. She is passionate about supporting people in leading happy, healthy, and full lives and believes that mentally and physically healthy people build healthy families, businesses, and communities, and therefore make the world a better place.

Charissa’s greatest value in life is creativity, and Coaching allows her to bring creativity into her work and allows her to support others in fully accessing their own creativity. She also believes in the power of having fun and leverages fun in her Coaching to create a playful, uplifting, and transformative environment for her clients to work within.

In addition, Charissa uses many approaches and tools in her Coaching including Positive Psychology, personal and professional goal setting, brainstorming, role play, positive affirmations, Strengths Finder, Enneagram, and guided imagery.

Charissa started Coaching in 2012, is a Coach U Graduate, and is currently working towards her Professional Coach Certification (PCC) through the International Coach Federation (ICF). Charissa also holds a B.S. in Communications from Oral Roberts University. She also attended a faith-based Leadership school.


Vesna Antwan

Vesna Antwan is a certified personal and professional coach who guides soul-seeking professionals in finding their way back to themselves and their inner compass. As a multiracial, multilingual coach, she is at ease interacting with a wide variety of people and promises to accompany her clients in living a more purposeful and enriching life.


Vesna brings a lot of soul to her work and cares deeply about supporting her clients in reconnecting with the things that make their heart sing. In her transformational coaching practice, she coaches the whole person (mind, body, spirit) and guides her clients in turning their hopes and dreams into reality by using approaches of mindfulness, self-love, and compassion.


Her ideal client is curious, engaged, and open – someone who is ready for change and looking for direction. On top of her regular coaching offerings, Vesna has also designed and facilitated workshops on topics such as self-care and burnout prevention. Before becoming a coach, Vesna worked in higher education, administration, and communications. She also served on the boards of several community organizations supporting immigrant and refugee populations in Montreal, Canada. She completed her Personal and Professional Coaching Certification (PPCC) at Concordia University in 2011 and holds a B.A. in 
Communication Studies.




is a forty-three-year veteran leader in the corporate/non-profit organizational leadership, early childhood, disabilities and family services field, Charlie has served on various Alaskan statewide, regional, and national committees/boards and has written and published articles, curriculums and manuals promoting leadership within the field.

Charlie expanded her Sole Proprietor Business in 2013 as a Professional Leadership and Life Coach. Recently graduating from an Advanced International Leadership and Life Coaching Program, Charlie received the recognition as a Professional Coach with a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) certificate through the International Coach Federation.


Charlie offers individual / group leadership and life coaching experiences and is in the process of contributing publications to the field of coaching. She is also a licensed facilitator for the Coach U Coaching Clinic; training that develops internal coaching capacity within organizations. Charlie divides her time between her home/office in Chugiak and her family’s lodge and guiding business in western Alaska where she is camp cook, single-engine plane pilot and co-organizing partner.


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