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Aligned Beauty and Strength from the Inside Out

When I look at these mandalas so preciously painted on rocks, my body immediately reacts

with a sense of alignment from the inside out. I feel strong. I feel resilient. I feel alignment and

a sense of flow. The bright middle signifies for me a deep core strength that exists within that

quiet inner space inside me from which all else flows.

Yet unexpected changes, difficult circumstances and painful emotions, especially fear, often

move me away from the centre. I get pulled towards a different, more fragile, experience of life

on the periphery. How quickly it can happen that from our peripheral perspective we lose sight

of our core strength and start developing negative thoughts and self-defeating behaviours. How

easy it is to lose our alignment. We begin feeling lost, stuck or burnt out.

In our next Dial-in Session “Bounce back from Setback,” Elizabeth Patterson will share how we

can take these vulnerable moments and instead of spiralling outward or downward, we can

learn to turn these experiences into life-changing assets. She will share some tools that we can

use to move back towards the centre, handle our challenges effectively and build emotional

and mental resilience.

If this speaks to you, we would love to see you in our Dial-In session “Bounce back from

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