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Flourish & Flow, Coaching and Wellness Retreat.

Testimonial of Holly. 2019 Flourish and Flow retreat attendee

Through attending the retreat, several things have stuck, and stayed with me deeply:  I am loved.  I am connected.

I can set limits.  I have a framework to use to work on problems and not only seeing them through a different lens, but to move forward with real, sustainable change.

As far as coaching in general:  Lerae knows how to create a magical space where change can not only happen, but flourishes. I struggled for years with feeling stuck in my career, and I was simply plodding along in life just trying to get through the day. Lerae knew exactly the right mix of messaging, encouragement, partnering, teaching and accountability to move me forward into a place where I'm embarking on a new career with excitement and enthusiasm.  I am living from my heart, which was very needed. Lerae is an incredibly gifted coach


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