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Preparing to Move-out of Self-isolation With a Deeper Connection to Your Core

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When the world starts back up, wouldn't it be amazing to have a deeper connection with who you are at your core? To discover and know the BluePrint of your Soul? What is so exciting is that we all have a breadcrumb trail of the choices that we have made through our lives that have brought us joy, fed a passion or brought us fulfillment in some way! Recognizing the trail more clearly can support you in making more purposeful and intentional decisions in the now. It can reveal signposts to move back into life after self-isolation with choices that feed you versus deplete you. Your exploration of choices in the past is a means to unlock a meaningful, powerful and fulfilling future!

Soul Designs BluePrint Course

The BluePrint is a 4 step process that offers self-reflection questions to guide you in exploring your past life activities, events, people and choices. It invites you to dig deeper and reflect on why these were/are important to you. Life patterns and core elements spontaneously emerge bringing your Soul BluePrint to light. With these new insights as foundations you are then inspired to engage in your own creative Soul Designing process!

One of the core elements that I discovered for myself was: The Past Can Unlock A Powerful Future. This perspective is very deeply rooted in me, has influenced many of my choices and has become the foundation of the BluePrint process. I’m so happy and grateful to share it with you at this time!

If this is a time of slowing down for you, you can use these weeks for many things - to chill out, start or complete projects, get creative and/or engage in self-reflection to name just a few. If you are up for some deeper self-reflection we would like to support you. Please click here to access the free Soul Designs BluePrint, use promo code: FREEBLUEPRINT . Enjoy!

To Learn More About Soul Designs BluePrint Watch the Soul Designs Video below

The Soul Designs Team You would like to share your experience with the BluePrint process? CONTACT US!

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