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Reaching the Virtual Life Coaching World! International Coaching Federation, Malaysia Chapter

6 months ago I was invited to be a guest presenter for the International Coach Federation Malaysia chapter. They asked me to present a 90 min webinar on a topic I felt passionate about related to coaching. I accepted their invitation and choose to present on what I refer to as “The Art of Giving Up the Need to Know” ~ who knew that all these months later the topic would be so apropos.

Florence, my contact for the event contacted me Friday informing me that they had an unprecedented 141 registrations from different countries; Jordon, China, Estonia, Australia, Bahrain, Sri Lanka to name a few. I was overwhelmed with joy. I had anticipated speaking to 40 people at best. In the end I had the opportunity to connect and share with over 200 people worldwide. Isn’t technology incredible?!!

What a gift to have the opportunity to connect with so many people from so many different parts of the world at a time when connection and positivity is so necessary. I feel so grateful to my Soul Designs Team and for all the ways they constantly have my back and support me in sharing all we can to initiate and inspire sustainable positive change one conversation and event at a time.

Be safe and well and stay connected!! Big love to the world. Please join me for a Complimentary Coaching Session or Join in on my exclusive FREE Dial-IN session on April 23rd

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