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Resilient Hyacinth Sparks Hope!

I was wandering around our arid acre property feeling lost and empty. I felt the tendrils of self-doubt creeping in and wrapping themselves around my heart as I questioned if we had made the right choice to tear down our house. It was the house that we brought our babies home to, the house that housed so many precious and difficult memories – now it was completely demolished, gone. Nothing remained of it on our property and now all of our plans had changed as well due to circumstances so far out of our control; we don't know when and if we will be able to build anew. The feelings of despair began to take over my mind.

But then, I spotted a tiny bit of green and some color against the stark dirt background of our acre. Suddenly self-doubt released its grip on my soul and curiosity took over. What was that? There, coming up through the hard packed earth where the backhoe had tread time and time again, where the corner of the front flower bed used to be, was a hyacinth coming up through the earth. Oh my goodness, really??

I called to my family and we gathered around the small bit of beauty to celebrate this tenacious little plant. The kids reminisced about how they had planted it six years earlier. Before I knew it, we all had the same thought and began searching the area to see if anything else had survived. We quickly discovered that one of the tulips previously growing in our backyard flower bed had also survived. Isn’t that incredible? If you zoom in you can see it between the hyacinth and the backhoe! In no time at all the self-doubt that had seemed so real had been replaced with hope. I was left feeling humbled by these two tiny little flowers planted by the hands of children and determined to bloom under such harsh and unfavorable conditions.

After everyone resumed their activities, the 'random act of kindness' stone that my neighbor had painted exclaiming “Believe you can!” came to my mind. She had left it for us at our front gate a few days earlier, a social distancing expression of encouragement and support for our continued construction journey. It seemed to fit perfectly with this moment. Remember: YOU ARE RESILIENT. Believe you can and you will. 

With gratitude to our resilient hyacinth and tulip, I am fiercely reminded that when the landscapes of our lives change, there is still hope and when the path ahead seems uncertain, the potential for unexpected beauty and joy still always exists.

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