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Sustainable Change Model: 4 Easy Ways To Ensure The Pivot You Just Made Becomes Change You Sustain

Right now, is there anything positive in your life that you are noticing for the first time

and that you would like to keep for the future? A beneficial pivot in behavior? A pivot in

thinking? A pivot in feeling?

In the last few weeks, has this externally forced and uncomfortable stepping back from

routines and patterns given you a different perspective that you would like to sustain?

What do you consider to be a shift? What causes a shift to occur? A shift is a move from

one place to another in one’s perspective, understanding and overall (self-) awareness.

A move can be initiated by external events that shift us out of our comfort zone. For

example, by the current COVID-19 pandemic, by a job loss and by new knowledge.

Personal internal changes can also initiate a shift, for example, think about the deep

‘aha’ moments that occur in therapy, meditation or coaching sessions. External and

internal factors often dynamically play together.

We often feel empowered when a desired shift occurs, hooray!! Yet once a “shift”

occurs the challenge becomes: how do we sustain it? Just remember the New Year’s

resolutions we make and how frequently after the initial weeks in January we are right

back into our old patterns… being hijacked from pursuing our desired outcomes.

One of our main goals at Soul Designs is coaching you to the point of a shift and

supporting you in sustaining it! To assist you in sustaining your shift to become the

change you desire, we’d like to offer these four points:

1. Create a Crystal Clear Vision of what it is you want!

See it. Know it. Feel it. Hold it. Post it. Reflect on it.

Repeat. Daily.

2. Identify What Works.

Be aware of the old patterns. Determine alternative paths; make a plan. Create a

strategy for what supports you moving in the direction of what you want. Write a

letter to yourself. Create a flow chart. Type up a word document.

3. Ask For Help.

You don’t have to do this alone. In fact, it’s better if you don’t. Share your plan

with a friend, an accountability buddy or enlist the support of a professional who

can support you in exercising the mental and emotional discipline it can take to

sustain your change.

4. Practice Makes Progress

Be okay to be vulnerable. Embrace the unknown. Flexibly create and innovate.

Take time for reflection and increase self-awareness. Be patient with yourself

and acknowledge the efforts you are making – you will get there!!!

If helpful, print out the above graphic and put it on your fridge, put it on the visor of your

car, glue it in your journal…be good to yourself along the way!

We’d love to hear your sustainable change stories and what tips you have for others as

a result. Please comment below if you feel inspired to share your story.

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