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BAM (Become a Mentor) Coach Certificate

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bAM (become A mentor) coach certificate Program

8 Week Course

19 Core Competency

5 Resource

2024 Start Dates:

Wednesday, October 2, 2024


8 weekly 1-hour sessions

9:00 am PT / 12:00 pm ET

The BAM (Become a Mentor) Coach Certificate program is designed and delivered by SDCI and MCE owners, bringing their wealth of knowledge and expertise to the program’s design and delivery.  The program is structured to provide an enhanced experience around knowledge, awareness, appreciation, and practical application of ICF mentor coaching duties, personal traits and competencies.  This virtual learning program will be offered in 1-hour sessions over eight weeks.  Between classes, learners will be involved in activities designed to facilitate integration and application of learning from the previous class attended.  A certificate of completion will be issued to those who successfully fulfill the attendance and practicum requirements.  Successful completion of this program is a prerequisite for entry into the SDCI/MCE Master Mentor Coaching (MMC) Program. 


Learning Objectives/Outcomes:  It is anticipated that program attendees will gain practical application in relation to mentor coaching as well as enhanced knowledge, awareness and/or appreciation of:   

  • ICF Core Competencies.

  • Distinctions between ICF ACC, PCC and MCC credentials.

  • Difference between Mentor Coaching and Coach Supervision.

  • ICF Mentor Coaching Duties, Personal Traits, and Competencies.

  • Best Practices for Mentor Coaching, including feedback.

  • Range of Mentor Coaching Approaches/Formats; and

  • Mentor Coaching business structure.


Program Requirements:  This program is designed for qualified ICF credential-holding coaches who have a passion for supporting professional coach excellence and are interested in starting a Mentor Coaching practice and/or enhancing current skills as a Mentor Coach.

World-Class Facilitators:  This program is developed, and will be delivered by Lerae Gidyk, MCC, who is the Founder and CEO of Soul Design Coaching International (SDCI) and Carolyn Hamilton-Kuby, PCC, CEC, who is the Founder and CEO of Morningstar Centre For Engagement (MCE.)  Along with combined extensive expertise and specialties in Mentor Coaching as well as program design and facilitation, Lerae is a member of the Coach U/Corporate Coach U Faculty, an Assessor for Coach U, and has completed the ICF Assessor Training in 2018.  Carolyn is a Coach Facilitator, and has been a Speaker with the World Business Executive Coach Summit (WBECS), and has been acknowledged as a Thought Leader on Coaching Competencies based on blogs/articles published by the International Coach Federation. 

$2,500 USD - CAD pricing available - contact
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