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Change Your Mind

You can change your reality by simply deciding to change your mind about how you perceive or think about something or someone.

Perspective Reveals Possibility

With a slight shift in perspective new and different possibilities are revealed that couldn't be seen or accessed from the previous perspective.

You Are One Choice Away from All You Desire

What you focus on expands. If you focus on what you desire and, based on the previous two guiding principles, if you choose to see that all you desire is available to you, you will begin to invite more of what you desire into your life. 

Problems Are Opportunities in Disguise

There are no problems, only opportunities to grow. This shift in perspective will radically reduce the problems in your life.


Let Your Heart Lead

Trust yourself! Gather information, do research, and then let that information be filtered through your intuition, your sense of what feels right to you and what is best for all concerned. 

You Are the Expert

You are whole. You are resourceful. You are capable. You know what you want. You know the answers you seek. You are the expert of you!


Change your mind. Find out how with Soul Designs

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