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LWOL (Leadership WithOut Limits)

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LWOL (Leadership WithOut Limits)





12 week Program

A leadership program like no other, LWOL (Leadership WithOut Limits) will change how you think and how you lead forever! If you are ready to level up as a leader in a big way and are ready to increase your impact with less effort, this is the program for you! The focus of the program is to identify limiting beliefs that you may/may not be aware of, help you understand how these limiting beliefs show up in your own self talk, leadership/relationship with others and give you the tools to transform said limiting beliefs to free you up to be more confident, grounded, and self-assured in all you do. My mission is to help people be more of who they are in all they do - embodiment of all of who you are in all areas of your life! Our promise is that you will lead with more influence and ease while achieving results you had never thought possible!


This 12-week program consists of:
  • Six online modules of content

  • Seven group coaching sessions

  • The first group session is 90 minutes but everyone after that is 60 minutes.

  • You have 2 weeks with each module within which a biweekly group coaching session takes place.

$1,997 USD - CAD pricing available - contact

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